the answers to the most important questions

Is MARIMU safe for my child?

Yes, MARIMU is completely safe for your child, even if it is taken orally. When selecting the ingredients, sensitive attention was paid to ensuring that all components are compatible and suitable for babies. In addition to your breast milk, we only use natural or organic products to manufacture MARIMU. 

What is the shelf life of MARIMU for 3 months?

One of the ingredients of MARIMU is potassium sorbate, which occurs naturally in the unripe fruits of the mountain ash. In pediatrics, sorbic acid or potassium sorbate, the water-soluble potassium salt of sorbic acid, is the drug of choice and is used in most children's products. Compared to other means, there is no age limit and can therefore be used from birth. Due to the antimicrobial effect of potassium sorbate, MARIMU  3 Monate bei Raumtemperatur haltbar. 

For how long is a MARIMU cream sufficient?

There is no general answer to this, as the amount used and the frequency with which it is applied are of course very important. However, so that you have a starting point, we have put together a few facts for you.


Maximum strokes: approx. 200 strokes


Necessary amount for scratches: ¼ stroke
Necessary amount for baby face: ½ - 1 stroke

Necessary amount for the whole body: 2 - 3 strokes

I exclusively breastfeed and don't have a breast pump at home, but I really want MARIMU. What should I do?

There are a number of ways you can get there: 


Option 1: Borrow a breast pump

Gehe zu deinem Kinderarzt, Gynäkologen oder Hausarzt und lasse dir eine Milchpumpe auf Rezept verordnen. Mit diesem gehst du in die Apotheke und leihst dir eine elektrische Milchpumpe + Abpumpzubehör aus.

If you have already returned your breast pump but still have the pump set, ask a friend to let you use her pump for a single pumping session.


Option 2: Purchase the NUK Jolie manual breast pump at a special price

You can purchase a NUK Jolie manual breast pump at a special price of €25.00 both on site in the MariPlus pharmacy and optionally with MARIMU orders by mail, which then belongs to you.


Possibility 3: Smear the breast

If neither options 1 nor 2 are of interest to you, you can also express the milk from the breast. This is a bit more tedious, but works the same way. 

Can I also give older breast milk from the freezer for the production of MARIMU and can it have been frozen longer than 6 months?

Je frischer die Milch ist, desto besser, da frisch abgepumpte Milch optimal an die aktuellen Bedürfnisse deines Kindes angepasst ist. Jedoch ist es natürlich auch möglich ältere Muttermilch aus dem Gefrierschrank abzugeben. Diese darf sogar älter als 6 Monate sein, da nur die orale Gabe nach 6 Monaten im Gefrierschrank nicht mehr empfohlen wird. Zur kutanen Anwendung ist die Muttermilch weiterhin nutzbar.

If I am low on breast milk, can I combine the required amount (30 ml) of breast milk from different collection times?

Yes, of course. The same applies here: the fresher the milk, the better.